We will reject a forced referendum, says DP Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto during a fundraiser in Mathira on Saturday, October 31. Photo: DP Ruto/Twitter

Deputy President William Ruto has said his camp will reject a ‘forced referendum’ pushing for a national dialogue on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

Ruto spoke on Saturday in Mathira, insisting that the issues raised in the BBI report can be passed if every Kenyan agrees on them without necessarily going to a referendum.

The DP poked holes at the proposed referendum saying it will be a vehicle for politicians to loot public coffers.

According to him, a nationwide consensus building would cost nothing and at the same time ensuring all citizens are speaking the same langauge.

“We know you want to steal our money through the referendum, hawa watu wa no one can stop reggae, mkiendelea, wakenya watasimamisha hiyo reggae,” DP Ruto said.

The second-in-command called on those calling for a referendum to focus on issues that will help the Kenyan hustlers.

He urged the engineers of the report to focus on policies that will empower the common citizen and not just the rich and the affluent.

“As we discuss positions for leaders, we should discuss the job opportunities for our youth, we want the four million jobs that the Big 4 agenda promised,” Ruto said.

The DP also asked politicians who were using the Kenyan court system to intimidate his allies to cease from the norm.


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