Vera Sidika hits out at haters laughing at her “health complications”

Vera Sidika

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has hit out at her fans who reprimanded her plan to lie about a constructive surgery on her posterior.

Vera Sidika has not asked pundits to stay out of other people’s affairs.

“You all did not find it sensitive when people were mocking, laughing at me for having surgery complications you even joined them and enjoyed it,” she said.

“But you find it sensitive that it was for attention. So, it was okay for you to laugh at my complications/ situations and not vice versa?” she posed.

After trending for the entire week subsequent to reemerging on the web with a photograph showing her posterior small unveiled her video.

At the point when she made the announcement, Vera referred to health risks that accompany butt implants and plastic surgeries.

“The side effects and risks of butt implants and surgeries do exist. The complications are unbearable. Some people don’t make it out alive. Some are lucky enough to survive it. Ladies. Don’t ever do this to yourselves,” she warned of the fake surgery.

It has turned out that all was clout chasing to draw the public’s attention prior to the release of her new music video. Vera’s new video, which premiered on October 7, has proactively accumulated over 361,220 views as of October 9.

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