Two cops sentenced to death for murdering MP’s bodyguard

Narok Court

Two cops have been sentenced to death after they were found guilty of murdering three people among them a protector of the late Bomachoge Member of Parliament Joel Onyancha.

Police constables Benjamin Kahindi Changawa and Stanley Okoti were sentenced on Wednesday by Justice S.N. Mutuku.

In 2014, the two officers shot and killed police constable Joseph Obongo and his two relatives; Amos Okenye and Geoffrey Mogoi in Kangemi area, Nairobi on allegations that they were robbery suspects.

The Independent Policing and Oversight Authority (IPOA) had likewise found the cops blamable and suggested they be accused of homicide.

“Following the shooting, IPOA launched investigations on October 7, 2014 to unravel the circumstances that led to the deaths, and to establish whether the police officers were justified in the use of their firearms,” said IPOA.

“IPOA concluded investigations and recommended to the DPP, murder charges and on April 27, 2015, the DPP concurred with IPOA’s recommendations.”

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