Tanzanian singer Mbosso involved road crash

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has survived a grisly road accident while in the United States.

Mbosso, a WCB Signee who is currently on tour to promote his 2022 album shared the sad news via his socials.

According to the singer, he is nursing injuries in his right-hand shoulder and the left-hand ribs.

Clips shared by the singer show that their car was knocked down by another speeding car on the passenger’s side resulting to the accident and subsequent injuries.

A section of the car in which Mbosso was travelling at the time of accident

A cross-section of the car in which Mbosso was travelling at the time of the accident

Police were called to the scene to sort things out as Mbosso and his crew were being accorded emergency treatment by an ambulance that had accompanied the police.

The Shetani hitmaker has however assured his fans that he is okay generally despite sustaining injuries from the accident.

It’s not yet clear if Mbosso will continue with his tour as planned or if the accident will affect his schedule.

The star had already performed in Phoenix Arizona and Seattle, Washington and a good number of fans turned up.

Mbosso previously revealed that he is battling a heart condition that makes his hands shake and sometimes unable even to hold the microphone or stand for a long time.

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