Six things you mustn’t do on a first date


Ever gone on a date and when you got home you never got a call back? Well there are many things that might have caused that, some your fault and others not. Either way you must not give up on love, but as you look for your perfect match, here are six things you must consider to restrain from.

  1. Do not settle

So what if you are of age and need to be married, you must not compromise on the quality of life you hope to start. Do not settle for whomever you are with just because you are afraid of being alone. If someone asked you out on a date, or you had the guts to ask someone on a date, you are likely to make another date, and another. Or maybe you will just fall into the right arms some old school way. Settling must not be an option, if you don’t click, you will never click.

  1. You must not jump into anyone’s arms

If you just broke up with someone else, you shouldn’t be on a date with a new person in the first place. At this point, you are like the wildebeest in the Mara, passing through a river full of crocodiles. Do not put yourself in such a vulnerable position, because someone will take advantage of your broken heart. Take some time to yourself, do things you like, make friends and have some fun, when you are ready to be back in the game, you will be sober about what you are doing, and you will enjoy new company

  1. You must not agree to everything

They say first impression is everything, but false impression comes with too much pressure. If you do not like him licking his fingers at the end of the meal, you will not like it five years down the line. In fact it’s a guarantee that you will have many fights about it. Learn to be honest to yourself and to your date. See what you can leave with and what’s a NO NO. If you feel it’s not the right date, or if it’s a waste of time, then you must respectfully save your time and walk away before it becomes something.

  1. You must not divert all attention to yourself

You already know everything about yourself, no need to go on and on about it, you will seem like you have something to prove. Show some curiosity on your date and shut your mouth. If you need to, research the right questions you should ask to know someone deeper. Give them time to ask questions that intrigue them about you, some questions will also show you the person you are dealing with.

  1. You must not feel sorry for your date, no matter what the story is

There are people who think that by telling you how much tragedy they have endured, you will feel sorry for them and stay with them. Be careful with these people. A person with low self-esteem will pull you down to make themselves feel better about themselves. They will be either verbally or physically violent to fill their ego. Run away from them. Do not feel sorry for them, I repeat, do not feel sorry for them.

  1. You must not give up on love

If you have gone to a thousand dates and haven’t found the right person, do not be tempted to give up. Go to your next date with enthusiasm, after all, they do say you must kiss a few frogs.

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