Shock as woman throws baby in pit latrine

A woman reported to have given birth and thrown her baby in a pit latrine in Elgeyo Marakwet County is held in police custody.

The body of the newborn was found on Thursday evening in a neighbor’s pit latrine.

Brenda Jerotich, 21, reportedly delivered the baby and dumped it in the pit latrine.

Displeased residents said such an incident had never happened before in the village.

“It is too painful that a mother can be that heartless to a baby. It’s good to inform family and friends when you conceive and you are not ready to raise a baby,” Cecilia Jelagat, a neighbor said.

She urged the police to charge the suspect, saying she was a bad example to other young women.

It is still unclear why the Jerotich threw the infant in the pit latrine.

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