Sex workers frustrated as older women storm the business


Commercial sex workers plying their business in Nyeri have expressed their frustration following their new competitors from older women who are coming to their hotspots to compete with them for clients.

The prostitutes are complaining that the older women above 40 years are inexperienced in the business, and their aggressive nature has been a problem to them in the business. They say older girls mock and insult them.

Speaking to the The Standard Media, the prostitutes say that older women have been forced into the business due to desperation and lack of income.

They say most old women have decided to try their luck in the business after the Covid-19 pandemic rendered them jobless.

This happens barely two days after over 100 prostitutes operating in the Nairobi CBD were arrested for causing distractions to businesses as they sell their services in broad day light.

Covid-19 restrictions in the country have forced most of the commercial sex workers to work from home. Majority of them work online in which they chat with clients and agree the charges for their services and agree where to meet or sometimes they spend nights at the clients house.

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