PSV operators hiking fares to be arrested

Passenger service vehicle (PSV) operators overcharging passengers due to the public transport crisis will be arrested.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i said on Monday that compliant operators should not take advantage of the PSVs crisis to hike fares.

“From tomorrow, all PSV vehicles will be required to have clearly displayed fare tables and police will ask passengers how much fare they have paid. If the amount paid will be more than what is on the fare table, the driver and the conductor of the vehicle will be arrested,” warned Matiang’i.

PSV operators doubled fares to various destinations on Monday morning when the crackdown commenced.

CS Matiang’i further said they will not be blackmailed by operators who have created a crisis by keeping their vehicles from the roads.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet also urged passengers to only board fully compliant vehicles.

Those using private vehicles have also been asked to follow the law and make use of safety belts.

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