President Donald Trump impeached by US Legislators

Donald Trump secures a place in the American books of history after being impeached on Wednesday By the united nations legislators on a party line vote .

Trump has been impeached by 230 to 197 with just two democrats voting against their party; Colin Peterson of Minnesota, who said he would be on a no vote and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey who is reported to be switching to the Republican Party.

Consequently, this sets up a formal trial next year in the senate making him the third president ever to be put on trial in the senate after Clinton and Johnson.

A hot debate was witnessed during the proceedings, each side with its narratives of supporting facts and there was no certainty of winning by either.

The speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was always wary about going down the impeachment route voted a yes casting a rare vote.

This notably is quite a blow to President Donald trump for it might bar him from running for a second term.

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