Mulamwa’s advice to the youth and social media


Top Kenyan Comedian David Oyando alias Mulamwa has advised the youngsters who are chasing fame and clicks as fast as possible with their explicit content on social media platform, to think about their future lives before ending up in deep regrets.

According to his Instagram stories, young creative people make quick decisions on ways to make quick money without thinking through the long term effects.

“Nowadays most young creatives are running into making sexual erotic videos for quick likes and views,” Mulamwa cried out.

The Kenyan comedian encouraged the youngsters to work hard, be patient, and maintain dignity for them to get long-term fulfillment, unlike airing explicit business contents which later ruins their future.

“You will get the hype and the trends, but no one will be willing to work with you. Be neat, rise slow and reap fruits,” his post wraps up.

Fans were quick to judge Mulamwa’s advice, stating that it was necessitated by the likes of 19-year-old Shakila who in the last couple of months has stirred in controversies.

The comedian’s wisdom was applauded by people, since most of youngsters within the country are affected by the problem of chasing fame through raunchy content on social media.

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