Man, woman found having intercourse on the road side as passersby look at them


Residents of Kegogi area are in a rude shock after a man and woman were caught having sex by the roadside in broad daylight.

This happened on Wednesday when the two went to a bar in Kegogi and got drunk.

They allegedly reached a diversion and decided to undress where they had sex while passersby looked at them. This drew the attention of the residents who were annoyed at the incident since the man was married with two kids and the woman had a family too, though her husband lives in Nairobi.

The man by the name John Ondieki was escorted home by his friends after the crowd realized that they were very drunk. While the lady who was only identified as Isabella was taken to a nearby house to have a rest till she is sober.

“I was was going to Kegogi and decided to follow this diversion. I found people gathered and had to stop to witness what was happening. The two were having a good time though very drunk. The crowd wanted to beat them up but it would be of no use since they were tipsy,” Laban Mogere a boda boda rider and a friend to John said.

The area Assistant Chief Solomon Onyancha was called and told about the shameful incident. He, therefore, summoned the area vigilantes to take the two to his office on Thursday morning.

However, due to shame and guilt, the woman fled on Thursday morning leaving alone her kids and no one is able to trace her. According to her children, their mother arrived at their home early in the morning, packed her clothes and left telling them that she would be back.

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