Man impregnates his daughter-in-law in Narok

A village elder at a remote village in Narok North eloped with his eldest son’s fiancee and impregnated her, leaving local residents in dismay.

The young man had introduced the girl to his father and communicated his longing to settle down with her before his dad turned tables on him.

The village elder persuaded her not to wed his child, asserting the son had no cash of his own and that he relies upon him for his every day needs.

The man supposedly threatened the Class 8 dropout girl with a curse and further revealed to her that in the event that she demanded wedding his son, he would not authorize the marriage.

The young lady is said to have hesitantly yielded and the man vanished with her to Narok town, where they are reported to have stayed at a lodging, for a considerable length of time.

“The poor boy came to learn that his father, who has three wives, had taken away the girl who is now pregnant. He only makes technical appearances to his wives, which led to suspicion before his cover was blown,” said a relative, who said that a cleansing ceremony will have to be undertaken.

Local elders have picked up the matter, but it’s proving to be a hard nut to crack since the man is also a village elder and a reliable arbitrator in domestic squabbles.

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