Machachari’s Mama Baha attacked after exposing too much flesh in tiny bikini

Mama Baha

Television show Machachari actress, Mama Baha, has been attacked by fans after posting steamy photos on social media.

Recently “Mama Baha” has been sharing photographs flaunting her swimming outfits and from the vibe of things; this won’t stop at any point in the near future.

Her most recent photograph has unquestionably left jaws dropping as she is seen uncovering her thick legs.

And not surprisingly the the fans who were not pleased turned out in enormous numbers.

As indicated by most remarks left by her devotees, most fans felt that she shouldn’t have uncovered herself as she did.

Most of them went ahead to fat shame her asserting that her body looked fat.

Anyway, it’s not clear what the fans needed her to wear as her beach clothing but you can see the remarks in the very post below:

orinamolly Aki sasa pia wamama wameanza.

shiko1092 Don’t expose,.

anthonykanyalu Iko sawa weka mpaka movie kwa YouTube tukucheki

wilybaba1oo 😂sexly 😢mdem mmmmmh 👏👏👏

lesirayonsammy #sammykenya have respect coz ur showing shame to the community

tushtush23 Fanya mambo labda at wewe wanjichukia ukaona ufanye hivyo juu kitu aitamaniki

githaigapaul Aaahh u joined the league

crystahh Photographer do mwenye mskosa, the angle and the focus 😂😂😅

annie.mburu I don’t see anything wrong with the photo. I mean most of us go swimming and we expose our thighs. The only problem that people have is because her role as mama baha portrays her as a conservative lady. They expect her to behave the same way in real life and social media

frankoty So kupenda kwake ila sponsor wake

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