List of cooking oil brands suspended by KEBS

Top cooking oil brands in Kenya suffered a major blow on Friday.

This is after Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) suspended them for failing to fulfill the acceptable health standards.

The ten include; Fresh Fri, Fresh Fri with Garlic Oil, Fry Mate, Bahari Fri, Gold and Pure Olive Gold, Postman, Rina, Salit, Tilly and Top Fry.

In a letter to the Retail Traders Association of Kenya (RETRAK) signed by KEBS Director for Market Surveillance Peter Kaigwara, KEBS said the measure was not a ban on the brands, but rather “a temporary suspension to facilitate consumer protection from potentially harmful products and to protect producers’ economic interests.”

“Kindly note that this is not a ban on the brands but a temporary suspension to allow the manufacturers of the non-compliant brands to initiate and put in place effective corrective action under KEBS supervision to ensure that the non-compliant brands comply with the requirements of the respective Kenya Standards and Standards Act Cap 496, Laws of Kenya before being allowed back into the market,” read the letter in part.

KEBS asked RETRAK to ensure that the products are taken off the shelves in all outlets until compliance has been achieved.

Further, KEBS stated that the withdrawn products would be subjected to verification before being restocked.

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