Kit Mikayi declared world’s cultural heritage site

The famous Kenyan rock, Kit Mikayi in Kisumu County has been declared a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO.

Listed also is the musical genre Sega Tambour in Mauritius, Thanksgiving ritual system Buklog of the Subean in Philippines and Seperu forks in Botswana.

This makes Kenya part of countries with cultural heritage sites like Philippines and Botswana.

“I am happy to announce that on Wednesday the state of Columbia, UNESCO, declared Kit Mikayi a worlds cultural heritage site for the preservation of the Luo culture” said professor Anyang’ Nyongo during the Jamhuri day celebration.

The governor was optimistic of the site being of great importance to the county. He said it will help in creating job opportunities to the youth, encourage active participation on culture such as festivals hence social inclusion and it will play a key role in the eradication of poverty.

Better still he sent his heartfelt gratitude to the UNESCO for putting Kenya and specifically Kisumu County in the global map once again.

Kisumu tourism and heritage CEC, Archie Alai received the award on behalf of the county in Columbia as Kit Mikayi won the hearts of many during their presentation.

Kit Mikayi is a huge rock with three stones resting on it consecutively living most tourist’s in awe.

The Luo believe it is where their first woman lived. Kit means stone and Mikayi means the first wife in Dholuo.

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