Kenyan man who earns a living from mourning

DeathPeople lower a coffin into a shallow grave at the Langata cemetery. [Photo/]

Death has become a source of income for Daniel Ochieng Ongwara. He is a full-time professional mourner.

Death is no ones wish but contrary to this, Daniel Ongwara wishes for death. He is hired to roll on the ground, screaming loudly as he walks aimlessly like a possessed person.

Wailing uncontrollably, he is to holds onto the branches of trees while loudly praising the dearly departed.​

In the natural order of things, the death of someone you know affects someone deeply knocking off balance with shock and pain.

On the other hand, if the dearly-departed was a distant acquaintance, you may empathize and feel sorry for the family that has been left behind but you will not be affected to a point of wailing and screaming.

But, with Ochieng’s dazzling performance, anyone attending a funeral will be fooled into thinking the kinky-haired chap is one of the bereaved.

The young man from Migori County puts food on the table from attending funerals and grieving with the family and friends of the deceased if not more than them.

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