Kakamega chicken kills 6-month-old baby

A six-month-old baby has died of shock in the wake of being attacked by a broody hen at his home in Shikokhwe town, Malava, Kakamega County.

The hen was securing her chicks when the episode occurred.

Speaking to journalists, the baby’s mother, Robai Toboko, said her son Hagai Bushuru was attacked by the hen while in her arms.

“My baby was in my arms trying to hold one of its chicks when the hen attacked him,” Robai said.

Robai raised alarm for help from neighbors but endeavors to revive the child proved pointless and he was pronounced dead.

The mother said her child was healthy but crumpled after the attack.

Residents were wary on what might befall the chicken that is said to have killed the child.

There are no physical wounds on the child’s body.

The chicken was slaughtered and its chicks killed.

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