If King Kaka happens to be arrested, Kenyans wajinga will abandon him – Wiper leader

Wiper nominated MCA Mbula Mutula has noted that Kenyans praising Kenyan Rapper Kevin Ombima (King Kaka) for his revolutionary tune are the same individuals who would abandon him in the event that he is arrested.

Through her Facebook account, Mbula Mutula said that Kenyans are reluctant to grasp the revolutionary they need.

She says hypocritical Kenyans would rather rush to social media platforms to make funny hashtags demonstrating support for him while in jail.

“Stupidity of Kenyans is hypocrisy. (Ujinga ya Wakenya ni hypocrisy). They are pretending they support King Kaka but if he happens to be arrested they will all run to twitter and use funny hashtags of #releaseKingKaka,” read part of her post.

King Kaka on Saturday dropped a song named ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ talking about terrible initiative and how Kenyans fail by choosing awful leaders.

Who is stupid? Kenyans who wake up early in the morning to vote for the wrong leaders, or the leaders whom they are now calling Wajinga?

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