I will not assent to the Parliamentary Service Commission Bill, 2018 – Uhuru

CheluguiPresident Uhuru Kenyatta at a past event.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that he will not assent to the Parliamentary Service Commission Bill, 2018.

Members of Parliament have vowed to go ahead and pass the Bill despite public protestations.

Speaking on Wednesday in Ndumberi Stadium in Kiambu County, the President asked Kenyans to recall the names of MPs who passed the Bill and vote them out after their parliamentary terms.

“Any MP who will support that Bill to increase his or her salary should know that four years is not far away. Whoever will do that should be prepared to be sent home by the voters. There is no other way out.”

The legislators are set to push the Bill through its third and final reading today before they go for Christmas break until February 2019.

The Bill, tries to grant the lawmakers in the National Assembly and the Senate enhanced house remittances, vehicle credits and insurance cover.

They are likewise looking for a unique kitty in every one of the 290 constituencies to monitor and assess national government ventures.

Be that as it may, President Kenyatta said he had listened to common mwananchi and it was clear people were discontent with the lawmakers’ move.

“It is clear that people are tired at the habit of having their leaders always increasing their salaries,” said Uhuru.

“Even if you hate me that is your own problem. I will stick there and when you pass it, I will not assent to it,” he added.

The President asked the MPs to be aware of the citizens’ problems, cautioning them that four years was not long and they would before long face the electorate in the next polls.

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