I regret squandering 3.9 million with alcohol, partying – Njoro


Former Churchill show comedian George Maina Njoroge alias Njoro regrets how he had squandered 3.9 million shillings in alcohol and partying.

According to Njoro in a radio interview with Massawe Japanni, he had gone for three US trips which he spent 1.3 million on each trip.

“It was party after party for me. I had so much money at the time and I did not think it would ever run out. Hence, I blew it all and in no time, I was broke,” he said.

Njoro who was violent after taking alcohol to an extend that his wife had to hide every harmful weapon like knives, said that he spent some money with his family but he regrets for taking a lot of money in taverns instead of using the money to secure assets.

He said that most of the times he tried committing suicide without succeeding.

“On numerous occasions, I have tried to commit suicide by unsuccessfully throwing myself off an escarpment and taking poison,” contended Njoro.
He continued by saying;

“Every time I went through such moment, my wife would call my parents and this behavior would worry them a lot.”

Njoro was supported by Kenyans and was taken to rehab for three months after his fellow comedian Zeddy reached out to him in July, saying he was in the verge of giving up as he was fighting with depression.

After coming out from rehabilitation he landed on two jobs opportunities, one at Flamingo radio and another one at KTN News. He showed gratitude to the kindness that was extended to him and he promised to return to the entertainment.

“I feel blessed. The situation was difficult but I managed to pull through. If God intervenes in your life, then you don’t have to struggle or loose hope.”

“My life changed and I am now managing my finances better. I had even separated with my wife and children (owing depression) but we have now reconciled,” said Njoro.

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