How AFC Leopards fans would save their club after Coach Mbungo’s threat to quit

AFC Leopards head coach Andre Casa Mbungo is set to turn in his resignation letter before long owing to financial related limitations at the Den.

The club is currently facing serious financial challenges and players and the coaching unit have not gotten their pay for four months.

Mbungo feels it is great on the off chance that he leaves the club looking for greener pastures somewhere else.

“The coach is weighing his options before making a decision but he is fed up with the situation and he feels enough is enough,” a source close to the coach told Goal .com on Monday.

“He has gone four months without pay, the management seemingly does not care despite the coach writing two letters to them asking the way forward. The situation is tough on players too, they have been staging boycotts regularly and it is affecting the team in general.”

“Mbungo and the club management will have a crunch meeting in the next couple of days but the coach is seriously thinking of leaving.”

Be that as it may, the club’s chair Dan Shikanda said he is not aware of the development since he has been out of Nairobi owing to personal issues.

“I cannot comment on the issue of Mbungo wanting to leave, I have not heard of it and it will be treated as a rumour until I get full information once I get back to Nairobi,” Shikanda said as quoted by goal.

Ingwe are currently engaging several potential corporates hoping to secure a sponsor soon.

At this point, AFC Leopards’ diehard fans need to forgive each other and come together in support of the club.

Each Ingwe fan, whether recognized as a member or not, needs to come out and save their troubled club. Fans and stakeholders should forget all the cases filed in court.

They need to use social media platforms not trade insults and pointing fingers but to raise awareness for the need of saving their beloved club. Including those who were blocked from participating in the elections, including Maurice Amahwa, Alex Ole Magelo, Allan Kasavuli, Omboko Milemba and Noah Wanyama should come out to bail Ingwe out of this financial crisis.

The Ingwe fraternity must embrace forgiveness and withdraw all the cases and support Dan Shikanda and his team, or else history will repeat itself should Sikanda quit.

This will show a poor precedent that may lead to the demise of their beloved club that has not paid players’ salaries for more than four months.

It’s high time the Ingwe community to pull resources together from Busia, Bungoma, Vihiga, Kakamega, Trans Nzoia and beyond.

According to my knowledge, AFC Leopards in not just a football club. It’s a heritage. As much as it receiving followership from across the country, the fact remains that Ingwe is a community team, drawing its roots from western Kenya.

True Luhya leaders from Western Kenya region need to assist this giant club from falling apart. Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has been mediating between warring factions before Shikanda assumed his position as chair.

Besides the playbill number, let the club also plan for further fundraisers to meet the current and future needs of the club.

Leaders from Western Kenya should be seen at the forefront during harambees as they did during the funeral of the legendary Joe Kadenge.

Despite financial challenges, the club is posting impressive results at the moment. Religious fans should also pray for their club. God answers prayers if you believe in him.

Kenya Premier League will lose taste without Ingwe. Do not forsake the Leopard.