Hotels to have breastfeeding areas

file photo- courtesy/Arabic Cuisine Restaurant Nairobi

Hotel owners in Nairobi County will be forced to have breastfeeding areas set. County Assembly members have passed a motion believed to save breastfeeding mothers.

The motion has been forwarded to the County Executive. If passed, the breastfeeding zones will have to be licensed by the county.

Nominated MCA Doris Kanario claimed that breastfeeding mothers feel uncomfortable while feeding their babies in public.

She added that breastfeeding mothers also face harassment from the public.

She also maintains that it was a right all breastfeeding mothers were eligible to.

“The nonexistence of designated nursing areas has become a limitation to many mothers who want to breastfeed their children.” Ms Kanario told the county assembly.

“Everyone in this House was breastfed at a young age so they know that this motion is very crucial and I would like to urge members to adopt it,” MCA Kanario told a local news outlet.

The motion was also supported by another nominated MCA Anne Thumbi.

“Nairobi, as the capital city, should prove it is sensitive to the needs of mothers. It is high time the executive becomes sensitive to the needs of mothers and puts in place laws to address this issue,”  MS Thumbi said.

The motion was filed after an online mixed reaction to a scene where a breastfeeding mother was embarrassed while feeding her kid.

The woman was ordered to go and attend to her kid in the toilet.

Nairobi based women made their way to the restaurant holding placards while chanting pro-breastfeeding songs.

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