‘Good’ Friday as Kenyans get ‘free’ unga

The loaded lorry overturned on Mombasa Road near Ole Sereni Hotel just after the Southern Bypass, leaving bales of unga at the mercy of passers-by.

With high cost of flour in the country, the accident, though unfortunate to the owner of the trailer, appeared somewhat a blessing for those at the scene.

It was a scramble for the fittest as pedestrians and motorists carted away bales of unga to waiting cars and boda bodas while others walked with the stolen load on their shoulders.

Most of the beneficiaries were boda boda operators, some loading bales of unga on their motorbikes as seen a widely circulated video.

The ensuing melee created a light traffic snarl-up on the road as people crisscrossed the busy highway with their ‘loot.’

Currently, a packet of 2kg unga is retailing at above Sh. 200 in the country, after President William Ruto suspended subsidies on the commodity.

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