Former President Moi died at 103 not 95 – Lee Njiru

The late Mzee Daniel Arap Moi Press Secretary Lee Njiru, has disclosed little known mystery about Moi’s actual age.

Njiru guarantees that the former president passed on aged somewhere in the range of 102 and 103 years.

Njiru has worked for Moi for more than 40 years.

He professes to have known Moi more than any other person, saying that his activity involved knowing his boss inside out.

He uncovered that on a few events, Moi had asked him not to refer to his ID card as it was misleading.

“I will confirm this to you, Mzee had told me not to look at his ID card, I want to correct you, Moi was between 102 and 103-years-old not 95-years-old like everyone is saying,” Njiru said.

His announcement during a phone interview with Citizen TV’s Power Breakfast seems to contradict a family proclamation on Moi’s age.

Moi died at the Nairobi Hospital at 5.20AM on Tuesday.

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