Form 3 boy kills girlfriend over failed sexual advances

A 17-year-old boy has killed his 16-year-old teenage friend in Naivasha following failed sexual advances.

The girl, identified as Valerie Njeri, went missing on Thursday afternoon and efforts to trace her had been fruitless before the body was found by neighbors on Friday morning.

According to neighbours, the Form Three boy lured the girl to their house on Thursday afternoon when his parents were out, before committing the act.

It is said that he kept the girl’s dead body overnight under his bed before he decided to dump it outside the girl’s parents’ gate, leaving behind a trail of blood.

The girl’s father, John Nduno, said they had gone out of town for a burial when their daughter went missing.

Nduno said that they left the girl manning their shop, but efforts to get in touch with her later in the day were fruitless.

“When we came back in the evening, we searched for her to no avail. It was only on Friday morning that we found her body,” he said. Similarly, the suspect’s mother said that they were also away when the incident occurred.

She said that she sensed that something was amiss when her son woke up very early, unlike on other days, saying he was going to study.

“Since he joined Form Three, he has become very rebellious but we never imagined he would commit such a crime,” she said.

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