Family forced to cancel burial after body goes missing from mortuary

burialwoman crying.

Family and friends in Othaya constituency, Nyeri county are left shocked after the body of their relative whose burial was supposed to be on Wednesday went missing from Nyeri funeral home.

The burial ceremony of a 77- year-old Monica Mumbi was called off after morticians were unable to trace the body.

The family and mourners who were ready to transport the body for burial got  confused and mixed up when the wrong body was issued to them.

According to Loise Wangari who is the daughter of the deceased, the body that was given to them didn’t match the physical feature of her mother.

“My mother was using dentures which were left at home when the body was taken to the mortuary and the body they gave us was of a woman who had all her teeth intact,” contended Wangari.

The family demanded answers from mortuary staff over the mysterious disappearance of the kin’s remains, and beside tracing the body they demanded compensation for the expenses they had incurred for burial preparation.

“We want to be told how and where to trace the body of our loved one,” one of the mourners demanded.

The Outspan Hospital Administration that runs the funeral home asked for forgiveness and promised to investigate where the body was taken to.

“We want to assure the family that they will get the body and will be able to bury her even if not today,” said Grace.

The body of Monica Mumbi who died at home was taken to the facility for preservation on Tuesday last week.

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