Elders curse woman who abandoned baby in tea farm

abandoned infant found in tea farm

Inhabitants of Gotinyango in Nyaribari Masaba in Kisii County are yet to settle after a baby was discovered abandoned in a tea ranch on Thursday morning.

Area administrator, Mose Mayenga, said kids who were going to a river to get water heard the baby crying from the tea ranch and raised alarm.

“Members of the public were notified by children who were going to the river early in the morning. Upon reaching the scene, the infant was found naked covered by leaves,” he said.

Mayenga said the baby was taken to Keumbu medical clinic.

“Members of the public should report to police anyone woman who gave birth but, now without the baby,” he stated.

He guaranteed that he won’t rest until the lady who abandoned the newborn child in the tea ranch is caught.

“It is sad that women conceives and carries a pregnancy for nine months but, once they gave birth they end up dumping the babies. No one has forced women to have sex with men. The woman who dumped the infant must be arrested,” Mayenga said.

Elders led by Innocent Ongeri cursed the woman who dumped the baby saying that she would not give birth in her entire life.

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