Economy may be crippled if BBI paves way

church leaders

This is according to Lifetime Ministry Church leaders and the vice chairman for Union of Pastors in Bungoma Cleophas Matete.

Speaking to Radio Halisi, the leaders warned that the clause in the BBI report that encourages youths to venture into businesses without paying tax for seven years may cripple the economy.

“This section will encourage the adult investors to evade tax payment in the name of youths businesses. If currently the economy has been affected by the novel Covid-19, what if majority of Kenyans fail to pay revenue to the government?”

Mr. Matete contends that 35% increment in CDF funds may be implemented in without constitutional amendment since it’s a statutory fund.

He adds that two thirds ender rule my not be fully implemented pointing out that deputizing females in governorship may not be enough if the rule is not featured in the presidential seat as well.

Elsewhere, Likuyani Mamber of Parliament in Kakamega Enoc Kibunguchy is urging Kenyans to shy away from the BBI reggae as he mumbles that it favors Mt. Kenya. He said this during the layoff of former Ford Kenya deputy chairman the late Sylvester Wanyama.

“We don’t need extra constituencies in favor of Mt. Kenya regions,” MP Kibunguchy raised a concern.

“Kenyans must be careful with politics because it’s a game. Politicians are fond of dividing voters for self-interest. Please shy away from divisive politics because it disrupts peace and formulates hatred among the citizens as politicians exchange political cards,” he added.

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