Drone X Pro makes its way to the markets

Drone X ProDrone X Pro at Exhibition. [Photo/DailyTech.com}

Drone X Pro has made its way to the markets. This mini drone is an evolution to a selfie taking generations.

Drone X Pro has created this mini drone to help take pictures from what was termed as most daring angles. A game changer for larger drone companies that need to rethink about their products.

Initially people used to take selfies with their hands then came selfie sticks. Now with Drone X Pro on the markets, selfie taking has been made much simpler with greater pictures.

Nobody knows who invented the selfies, but soon thousands of people started uploading implausible selfies from impractical angles. The selfies were mainly shared on social media pages.

Drone X Pro was engineered by two computer engineers from Germany. They say their love for drones made them rethink about their design. “Other drones are very bulky, heavy and challenging to travel with.” Said Drone X Pro architect.

So, they designed this ultra-compact, light drone that can live-stream and record to its user’s smartphone.

The Drone is retailing at $99 in shops and $150 for online shoppers. This is the cheapest drone with quality and HD cameras

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