CS Magoha urges Ruto’s administration to deal with pornography


Education CS Prof. George Magoha has called for the shutting of all pornographic sites, which he says exposes children to huge amounts of inappropriate information at an early stage.

Magoha who opened the 94th Music Festival Competition in Kisumu on Monday called upon the new government to rein in sites which are inappropriate for children.

“My main concern as I exit the Basic Education sector, is that a decision will have to be made by this government or the next government to block the pornographic sites,” he said.

The CS hailed the Communication Authority (CA), the main sponsor of the Music Festival, for fronting a theme of “Responsible and Safe Use of Internet”.

Magoha who noted he has been labelled a dictator for calling for the blocking of the sites said he remains unapologetic.

He indicated that even though parents cannot totally block pornography for their kids, they can largely control what their children can access on the internet.

“We will continue to sing the same song to prevent our children from accessing these sites,” he said.

Magoha said Kenya can borrow from other countries that have successfully blocked access pornographic sites to underage children.

“In other countries like China, if you want to access pornographic sites, it is blocked for children,” he said.

Magoha said CA should come out boldly to save Kenyan children from inheriting Western Countries behaviors which are detrimental to their growth.

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