Court sentences maid who fed child with mucus, vaginal discharge

A house girl charged with child abuse will spend five years behind bars, the court has ruled.

Catherine Mukoya, 20, was found guilty of a heinous act of feeding her employer’s five-month-old baby with mucus and vaginal discharge.

Magistrate Festus Terer of the Children’s Court condemned Ms Mukoya as inhuman and “exhibiting animalistic behaviour.”

Terer said the convict exposed the baby to serious untreatable diseases, adding that the child was innocent and was forced to gulp and swallow unhealthy discharges.

“The accused herein is guilty of child abuse contrary to section 22 1 (a) of the Children’s Act,” ruled Mr Terer.

Prosecutors told the court that Nalianya used to threaten and slap the child when he hesitated to feed on the discharges.

They called for a harsh custodial sentence to serve as a lesson to others with such beastly behaviour.

“From the evidence tendered before this court, the prosecution has proven beyond reasonable doubt you abused the rights of the child,” ruled Justice Terer.

Justice Terer also dismissed the defendant’s defence that she had been framed.

Witnesses said Nalianya would insert her fingers into her private parts, extract discharge and feed it to her employer’s baby.

Further, said the witness, Ms Mukoya removed mucus from her nostrils and fed it to the child.

She committed the offence in Fedha Estate, Nairobi, in July 2022.

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