Congolese singer Tshala Muana finally freed

Congolese Singer Tshala Muana (middle) on Tuesday November 16, 2020

Congolese singer Tshala Muana was Tuesday November 16, 2020 released from police custody following pressure from Joseph Kabila’s people’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy, PPRD party.

The singer was arrested Monday in the capital Kinshasa, after releasing a song online titled Ingratitude, which was interpreted as critical of the government of DR Congo’s President Felix Tshisekedi.

Tshala Muana is a known supporter of Joseph Kabila, Tshisekedi’s predecessor.

At one time, Kabila’s father, Laurent Kabila, nominated her as a Member of Parliament.

The song scolds a leader who is ungrateful to his mentor. The mentor is not mentioned in the song but it is believed to be a reference to Kabila who helped Tshisekedi form a coalition that led to the formation of his government in 2019.

Part of the song goes, “trahison eloko mabe, Juda ateka Yesu po na mbongo suka, suka alelaka yeh” which loosely translates to Treason is a bad thing. Judas sold Jesus because of money but later regreted.

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