Bungoma group ‘gifts’ community with fun for Christmas

Thousands of families across the country joined the world in celebrating Christmas on Sunday in different ways.

To the majority, Christmas is a day to feast on varied delicacies and make merry.

However, for this one youth group from Kabuchai Constituency, Christmas was a day to ‘gift’ the society in style.

Dubbed Bukusu TV, the youth group went out to entertain the online community through their talents.

“We have literally no money to buy gifts for the underprivileged,” said Mike Opasa, the group’s leader.

“But we believe we can keep them entertained through our skits and make everyone forget about the prevailing tough economic times,” he further said.

The group specialises in sketchy comedies which they pre-record and share via online platforms, based on every day life.

“Our content is criticised and applauded in equal measure but that’s life. Whatever we do reflects the society we live in,” stated Edwin Khisa, the group’s founder.

According to him, members engage in different economic activities, with some being high school learners.

“This works against us sometimes because it’s difficult to come up with a regular shooting schedule. However, whenever we meet, we shoot enough content for a month,” adds Edwin.

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