Bien of Sauti Sol and wife fly to London to record a solo album


The vocalist for Sauti Sol, Bien Aime, and his manager Chiki Onwukwe will spend the next five weeks in London recording his first solo album.

The vocalist said he wasn’t able to deliver a solo album to his fans but promised to deliver it once he returns to the country.

“I am a brand-new artiste since Sauti Sol started the Alone Together project. Since then I promised fans a solo album which I have not been able to deliver, but this time, I have promised myself that once I am back from London, I will have it out,” Bien stated.

Bien claims that his December trip to Ghana, where he attended an Apple music festival, made the visits to London necessary.

“While I was in Ghana in December, I met a couple of international producers who invited me to the UK to go record with them after we did some few recordings in Ghana,” he added.

They took a flight to London early last week to start the retreat with his wife Chiki, who also works as his manager.

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