BBI a tool for balanced development-ODM S G Sifuna


As BBI proponents limber for a signature drive, the report has drawn diverse views on recommendations from different interest groups.

Speaking on a local radio station, ODM party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna urged the public to vote for the BBI report the way it is as “other issues will be catered for”.
Mr. Sifuna advised the political class to be contended by the report despite the fact that some interest of citizens have not been included.

He said that the major aim of the report is to enhance peace and development.
“We as well had our issues as ODM to be involved in the report but they were not featured.” He said adding that, “the report is after ensuring equal development across all regions.”
This comes against a backdrop of an outcry from Mt. Elgon leaders who maintain that the report has not captured their call elevate the region to a county status.

However, Sifuna refuted claims that the report can be adopted through a parliamentary act, instead of wasting taxpayers money on referendum.

“The constitution states that in case we want to ammend clauses that touch on devolution, we have to go back to Mwananchi. What had hindered the parliament to enact such bills all those years…? The parliamentary system had been busy enacting bills of self interest.” He explained.

Further, the SG seized the opportunity to persuade Mt. Elgon residents to vote for the report, saying that it has the goodies for the region.

He said youths in the region will have the opportunity to prosper as they will have time to repay HELB loans and develop business for seven years without paying tax.

“ODM party through the nominated Senetor Mercy Chebini is planning to open it’s offices in Kapsokwony. This is the only party that has included marginalized communities in it’s administration.” He added.

He also urged citizens and leaders to shy way from politics of intimidations.

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