Asulubiwe! Kenyans want to crucify Yesu wa Tongaren

Yesu wa Tongaren

A group of Kenyans has demanded the same suffering for a Bungoma man who claims to be Jesus.

After claiming to be the Christian Messiah, Yesu Wa Tongaren, true name Eliud Wekesa, captured the nation’s attention.

Wekesa asserted to execute a miracle of converting water into tea, just like the Biblical Christ. Additionally, he has 12 disciples.

Yesu wa Tongaren’s tale caught around like wildfire, and a clever Kenyan joker proposed that Wekesa follow in Jesus’ footsteps all the way to the end.

Yesu Wa Tongaren should take his turn on the cross, the Facebook user claimed, saying that naming himself Jesus should have consequences.

“Huyu yesu wa Bungoma lazima tumsulubishe. Haezi jiita Yesu na hajateswa can’t happen. Ama mnaonaje (This Bungoma man should be crucified. He cannot call himself Jesus without suffering. What do you guys think?”

A surprising number of Kenyans sarcastically agreed with the idea. Some people even suggested raising funds to purchase the cross.

Gerald Wamai: “I have six inch nails and a hammer. Let others raise money for the cross.”

Xpin Artisan: “I don’t think he can handle the thrashing.”

Wanyama Wakoli: “We are waiting for Juda and Simon. Those are major characters in that mission.”

Patrick Ofwiti Masiga: “Crucify him.”

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