Kenya churns out thousands of high school graduates every year, thirsty for tertiary education.
Their hope is to study their dream courses.
However, due to the current education system, they end up undertaking unmarketable or less self-employable careers.
In addition, many institutions are fleecing money from less-informed learners, by simply offering all sorts of courses, producing half-baked graduates to the job market.
Sometimes, the desire by a parent to have their son or daughter taking medicine or aviation thrusts our learners to the wall.
Also, learners choose a course with the concept that relatives and friends would link them to a job opportunity immediately after graduation or the notion that a certain course pays handsomely compared to another.
But, what do you have to understand before deciding on the course and institutions that would drive you to your life carrier?
George Kariu in his book, ‘Choosing A Career’ explains several factors to put into consideration before deciding on the career journey. He suggests that one has to understand the government regulations, passion, talent and, gifts.
Mr. Kariu argues that for one to work comfortably in an organization, passion might have played a key role and not the academic papers.
What should you consider before pursuing any course?
I. Self employability. After graduation, you should have acquired skills that can make you start a business or have income-generating tasks such as electrical wire installation or planning.
ii. Flexibility. With the technological change, be sure that your career will adapt to the new technology such as online marketing.
iii. Academic qualifications. Decide within your limits and give yourself a chance to expand. Do not chain yourself within the walls of examination. Start with a certificate and move to a degree.
iv. Passion and interest. Always, trust your instinct. believe you can make it in medicine, go for it.
Finally, decision making is in your hands. Society has higher expectations from you because you did well in your exams. Go for the course that will cater for your family and satisfy your dreams. Choose wisely.

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Abueate Macho Wekesa
I am a journalist by choice with passion, ready to serve under any circumstance. I advocate for service for humanity through responsible journalism. Currently, I am working with BK Radio 98.2,Bungoma.