5 things you must do to prepare for Christmas festivities

Christmas tree

It’s almost Christmas. I don’t know when people start the countdown, but December in itself shouts holiday time. So if we have unfinished business at the office, your hope must die down because there is a likelihood of a go slow as we mentally prepare for some party season.

If no one has said it yet, let me be the first, happy festivities. It’s time to prepare for that long awaited trip home to spend some time with family and friends. It’s time for that holiday get away, or a meet and greet with future in laws.

But before you do that, I promised to share some tips on how I ready myself for a more crowded environment, sometimes a new environment or a complex environment. Either way I like to ace it, feel like I know what I am doing.

  1. When in Rome

If you will be visiting the village, do not slay for your elders. Live the skimpy skirts and expensive wigs in the city. My grandmother never understands glam, she will still send me to the river, and expect me to carry water on my head, my back or guide a donkey. You neither want your 50k wig to sock in the smoke from the kitchen or your LBD to stretch as you work the donkeys, or the farm. Do what romans do, be descent and stay humble.

  1. The fool seems wise in silence.

Don’t be the person who wants to solve everyone’s problem. If the co-wives get into a fight, you best not know about it lest you get sacked into the village drama. Enjoy your time with your people but do not try to impose your civilized ways on them, you will never hear the end of it. If you do not know the answer, do not pretend to, keep your silence and if you have to talk be honest. You end up more respected. It’s not about getting it right, it’s about seeming to get it right.

  1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself

If you don’t know anything, ask, do not pretend to know. Speak up if something is displeasing to you or if it goes against your cultures and beliefs. Do not get sacked in to other religion, beliefs and lifestyle if it makes you uncomfortable.

  1. Be open minded

By the virtue that you will be in a more saturated environment, you are likely to meet people of all characters. Be open minded and accommodative, not everyone can be like you. Avoid confrontations and fights understand that everyone was raised differently and exposed to different environment.

  1. Enjoy people, enjoy your stay

You can’t always find fault in what people do, let things go and enjoy your stay. Enjoy working for the old and learning from the young. Eat everything that you won’t find in your town house and take a walk in the village. Take in the good weather and environment and have those deep conversations with your folks. Make your stay count.

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