NGOs want Yala bodies saga to be investigated

Haki Africa executive Director, Hussein Khalid speaking to journalists at the banks of river Yala. Photo:courtesy

Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO) in the country want Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to intervene over the River Yala bodies saga.

Through a press release posted on their official Twitter account on 18th January, 2022, Haki Africa, a Mombasa based NGO called upon the above authorities to take quick action, citing that the inhumane act of mass human bodies being dumped and pulled out of the river was overwhelming.

The Executive Directo of Haki Africa, Hussein Khalid said Kenyans need to be informed about the parties involved in such cold-blooded acts.

“It is indeed disturbing that this has been happening for several months yet we have police service that is operational in the area,” Mr Khalid said.

According to the NGO officials, on Monday 17th January, 2020, they learnt through social media that numerous unknown bodies were being retrieved from river Yala.

“Together with our contact person-activist Boniface Mwangi, we visited Yala and to our dismay, we confirmed that indeed, there are tens of unknown bodies that have been retrieved from the river,” read the press release adding that, “on visiting the local morgue, we counted at least 21 bodies which the mortuary attendant confirmed were from the river.”

“Some of the bodies were tied with ropes, others had deep cuts and others had polythene bags on the heads. Further, the mortuary attendant informed us that at least 10 bodies were found in individual sacks which were properly stitched like parcel,” said Mr Khalid.

The official asked IPOA and DPP to investigate whether police were or weren’t involved in any of the killings.

“It raises further concerns about what the police know and why they have not done anything so far to end the trend,” he said.