Tutafinywaaa! kenyans to pay Heavily for governors and MCAs retirement benefits.

GOVERNORS who have served for two terms, each, will receive Sh11.1 million as retirement benefits, if lawmakers pass a bill proposed by members of county assemblies.

The governors will also be receiving a pension of Sh739,200 a month if the bill is passed.

The bill has been proposed by the County Council of Speakers (CAF), which includes speakers from all  the 47 counties in the country.

Its aim is to ensure that governors, their deputies, county legislators and councilors receive a lump sum when they retire

The proposals will be included in the County Government Pension Payment System.

According to the proposal, a governor who has served for two terms will receive a sum that will be calculated as the amount of his salary for one year.

However, the rate is higher compared to what was proposed by government agencies such as the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

Governors will also be receiving special monthly payments, equivalent to 80 percent of their final salary when they are in office.

They will be paid the money for the rest of their lives after leaving office.

If the governor dies after leaving office, the bill proposes that the payment be made to his wife or children for the rest of their lives.

A retired deputy governor will be paid a sum equal to his total salary for one year. Similarly, he will be receiving a monthly payment equal to 60% of the salary he was receiving.

That amount is the same as the money that the speakers of the county legislatures will receive. According to current statistics, the governor receives Sh924,000 as a monthly salary.

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That means he will receive Sh11.1 million, as it is the equivalent of their total salary for one year.

Their deputies will receive Sh7.4 million each and Sh373,750 monthly. Speakers will receive Sh3.1 million and Sh155,925 as a monthly pension.At present, these speakers are paid Sh259,857 a month. Councilors will also receive Sh1.7 million. Currently, councilors are paid Sh144,375 every month.