MPs slam IEBC over the spending limits for 2022 general elections

Members of Parliament have criticized the spending limits for the 2022 general elections that was published by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) declaring it null and void.

The MPs made the declaration today after meeting with IEBC officials led by Chairman Wafula Chebukati at the Parliament.

The Minority Whip Junet Mohamed raised the matter, asking the Speaker to throw them out on account that they are time-barred.

“The electoral commission was aware that the next General Election was to be held on 9th  August 2022. They were aware that people would campaign and they need money. They were also aware that they needed to submit the regulations to parliament for approval. Why wait until the last day?” asked Junet.

The leader for the Majority Amos Kimunya also accused IEBC for deliberately bringing the regulations to Parliament late so that they can be rejected in favour of certain candidates.

On Monday, IEBC published the spending limits, a move which the Committee on Delegated Legislation said the limits ought to have been approved by Parliament before they are gazette adding it contravened the Election Campaign Financing Act, 2013.

According to the new campaign financing limits published on that day, the commission reduced the spending by presidential candidates from Sh5.2 billion to Sh4.4 billion. The limits are also bound to the geographical size and population of a specific region.

The Gazette notice published on Monday stipulated that Sh780 million will go to publicity materials, Sh156 million for nomination fees, Sh243 million for campaign personnel and Sh274 million for venues.

Political parties’ limit will be raised to Sh17.7 billion as compared to 2017 when it was Sh15 billion.

At the same time, those parties participating in next year’s polls are allowed to spend Sh11 billion for transport, Sh1.8 billion for advertising, Sh945 million for administrative costs and Sh1.5 billion for poll agents.

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