What men want in a relationship

As technology looms, it is bringing a lot of controversy in relationships and love affairs especially for teenagers in learning institutions.

Over, the recent days, we witnessed a variety of reported cases of murder cases resulting from relationship issues.

Who should be held accountable for the situation? Parents, victims, or the technological system? The youthful stage is where teens are actively in search of suitable partners to accomplish the major reasons for procreation.

This is the phase where men are actively on a look for a suitable partner for disposal of their genes. However, despite all vigilance, many women and men have broken their marriage vows. Probably, they don’t understand what each one needs in a relationship.

I can rationally conclude that some men fear marrying because of the perception that modern relationship is “commercial” as women are money-oriented.

From our African context, our grandmother loved men who were physically fit to hunt, which means the ability to provide resources in exchange for s£x.

Since modern society has buried such survival tactics, money has replaced meat. So, women are right?

In their book “Why Men Want S*x And Women Need Love” Barbara and Allan Peace explained the controversy. They argue that in the past, women fell in love with doctors and, professors due to their ability to provide resources. Other attributes include love, faithfulness, kindness, intelligence, and resources.

However, men are majorly focused on the services. They focus on the youthful, and heath outlook of a woman. No wonder men are usually blinded by women’s fundaments and the bo*bs!

These are what men want from women:

  • S£x
  • Love
  • Solitary time without interruption
  • Reproductive value
  • Humour and brain

Why do male partners lead in committing suicide after a break-up? It’s because men are investing too much in women hence they fail to let it go. Parents and learning institutions have a responsibility of educating them on such major considerations to build a strong generation.

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