Reasons why babies cry at night

Crying is the baby’s main way of communicating her message. They cry at night to send you a message that they need your assistance.

The following are the primary reasons why babies cry at night, and what you should try when you are wondering how to stop your crying baby.

1. Hunger – This is the most common reason babies cry. Feed them and they’ll stop crying. They become happy after feeding them.

2. Overfeeding – A baby can cry because of a bloated stomach from eating too much. Excessive milk can cause discomfort that lasts a short time.

3. Sleep – They also cry because they need to sleep. They want their parent to put them in a comfortable position. It may be swaddled and on their back. Then they fuss a little and fall asleep.

4. Stimulants –  Stimulants such as coffee can cause increased crying and trouble falling asleep. Breastfeeding mums should reduce or do away with caffeine intake.

5. Diaper – Unclean diapers are very irritating to the skin. If not cleaned off, it can cause pain and burning.

6. Clothing – When clothing is too tight, too hot or too cold can make a baby cry. So make it warmer and comfortable.

7. Colic – This is the major cause of recurrent crying during the first three months. Fussy crying every day in all babies is normal. When this occurs over 3 hours in a day, it’s called colic. When they are not crying, they are happy.

8. Severe Pain – This includes earache, mouth ulcers, or a raw diaper rash. An ulcer on tip of penis may also cause pain and crying. These babies cry a lot and are not happy when they are not crying. They need to see a doctor to make a diagnosis.

9. In this age, fever is very serious until proven otherwise.

10. Shaken baby syndrome is also a concern.

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