Bungoma Liberation patron rescues widows, poor families in Bungoma

A section of widows and widowers receiving maize seeds from Bungoma Liberation

The onset of a planting season normally brings in tow with it blessings and lamentations in equal measures.

Less fortunate families grapple with challenges ranging from preparation of their farms to purchasing of farm inputs.

However, this year, widows and less fortunate residents of Bungoma county have welcomed the season with a smile, after a well-wisher came to their rescue.

Zachariah Baraza, the Bungoma Liberation Patron is distributing packets of maize seeds across the county in a bid to help them.

Speaking on Wednesday during the distribution exercise in Webuye East and kabuchai constituencies, Sakonyi Isaiah, a member of Bungoma Liberation, said his patron was moved by the failure of the Bungoma county government to provide maize seeds to widows, opting only for fertilizer.

“We were pained after learning that the county government of Bungoma had given fertilizer to some widows but not seeds. And we asked ourselves, between fertilizer and seeds, what should be prioritized?” Posed Mr. Sakonyi.

He added, “you can’t grow fertilizer, but with seeds, a poor widow can apply manure.”

Beneficiaries led by Mary Barasa beamed with joy, thanking Mr. Baraza for coming to their rescue.

“I had been sidelined by the county government and really had no hopes, but God is good. Through my son Zachariah [Baraza], has remembered me a mere widow.”

Oh her part, another widow, Nolin Simiyu, encouraged the beneficiaries to make good use of the inputs in order to enhance food security at their homes.

“Zachariah has given as the seeds for planting. Kindly don’t keep them in your houses. We thank him for enabling us fight famine.”

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