AstraZenecca Dilemma amid Corona surge

Covid-19 vaccine

Kenya is severely hit by the third wave of Coronavirus infections.

This has led to the recent issuance of containment measures that have seen many businesses in the ICU as school closure looms.

Thetransport sector is the most hard-hit in addition to the hike in fuel prices.

However, it is a sigh of relief as the AstraZeneca vaccine gets its way into the country.

However, a big number of Kenyans fear the vaccine due to speculations that it has tremendous side effects.

The fear is premised on reports that emerged from Europe after vaccinated individuals experienced blood clots among other effects.
These reports have raised eyebrows over the validity of the AstraZeneca vaccine as it is speculated that it can bring more harm than good.

Some Bungoma county residents told Radio Halisi about their reluctance to get the jab, saying that senior government officials should be at the forefront.
“I fear the AstraZenecca vaccine because it has not been proven to be safe for human health. What is the essence of vaccine if I will still follow guidelines of corona?…” Kevin Mutahi posed.
Mr. Opondo, a college tutor in Machakos county also holds onto the idea of lack of trust in the vaccine roll out.

“Has the government verified the vaccine for the safety of the citizens despite the surge in infections?…”
Is the AstraZeneca vaccine safe for human use?”
Dr. Martin Mungai of Karen Hospital, a virologist, shades light on the controversy of the vaccine.

“Before any vaccine is validated to be safe it has to undergo a rigorous process which may take five years. However, Astrazennecca has been rushed due to its urgency. But still, the World Health Organization has approved it.”
Further, Dr. Martin refutes the claims on the jab’s side effects that were reported among victims in other countries.
“The effect of a vaccine on a victim depends on the underlying body conditions such as blood pressure or other diseases. Not all the patients may experience blood clots.”

He assured that KEMRI and other bodies are closely following up on the progress of already vaccinated individuals.
“We should be careful with this corona variant since it differs from the previous virus. This virus takes the shortest time to show symptoms but takes time to develop into chronic.” He warned.
However, he insists that relevant bodies in the government must be vigilant when admitting the AstraZeneca vaccine amid Covid-19 spikes.

World Health Organization assistant general Mariangela Simao holds that the vaccine is still safe to be rolled out despite what she terms as ‘very rare’ side effects.
Therefore, the government has a role of sensitizing the public on corona vaccine if there is a need to curb the spiraling pandemic.

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