Saving lives: How to make a call from a locked phone

For security reasons, smartphone owners use passwords or patterns to deter unauthorized access to data or phone usage.

However, the security measures we put in place can sometimes punish us in case of emergency.

Have you ever asked yourself, God forbid, how your family or friends could be contacted incase of phone loss, sickness, accident or death while your phone is locked?

Follow this two steps to input a preferred number on an emergency list.

Step 1

When your phone is locked, it normally shows, “enter password”. Under it you’ll see “emergency”. Click on the “emergency” and immediately at the top you will see “emergency information”. Tap here 2 times. A pencil icon will appear on the extreme right. Click on it to edit.

Note: here you will need to input your password verify that the phone belongs to you.

Step 2

Click on “Add contacts” and enter the contacts you wish to save us emergency. You can put as many numbers as you wish. However, it’s advised that you save the numbers of active people who know you very well.

The contacts you have saved can be called even when your phone is locked without entering your password or drawing your partner.

To call a number saved under “emergency”, click on “emergency all” and the numbers saved there will show up. You can call any of these numbers without unlocking your phone.

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