Edgar Obare exposes Kabi & Milly Wajesus’ dirty secret

If you are YouTube fanatic, then the names Milly & Kabi Wajesus might not be new to you. Well Milly & her husband Kaby Wajesus are a couple and YouTubers who portray a Christian lifestyle on YouTube. The public knows the two are blessed with a one-year-old son, Taji; well until Thursday, when popular blogger Edgar Obare alleged otherwise.

A certain lady reached out to Edgar on Thursday alleging that Kabi Wajesus is not a perfect man as he portrays, this is after she alleged that Kabi has a 7-year-old daughter by the name Abigail who he has refused to acknowledge and pay child support for.

screenshots of Edgar Obare’s conversation 

According to the nameless lady, she is a cousin to another lady who had been in a relationship with Kabi years ago. The cousin claimed that they even have a daughter together who is 7 years old called Abigail. Apparently, this lady also claimed that Kabi had neglected supporting the daughter in terms of fees, food among other things despite flaunting his lifestyle on social media.

The lady went on to reveal that even Kabi’s wife Milly WaJesus knows of Abigail’s existence and that they have even attended her 3rd birthday. That was the last day Abigail saw her father. Edgar Obare claimed that he had reached out to Kabi Wajesus and had not gotten a reply.

Kabi Wajesus with his son Taji

She asked Edgar to make the information public so that Kabi can take responsibility of his daughter. According to the lady, Kabi has refused to pick calls, or even respond to the lawyer’s letters. Although Edgar did not post photos of Abigail, he has claimed she looks exactly like Kabi and his son Taji.

Kabi & Milly Wajesus are yet to respond to the claims.