Why Mashirima Kapombe broke up with Captain Otoyo

TV newscaster Mashirima Kapombe with her son. Photo: Courtesy.


Mashirima Kapombe, a known newscaster at Citizen TV, is a single mother.

Nairobi Mini Bloggers reports that the beautiful news anchor, was once in a serious relationship with Comedian Captain Otoyo before they parted ways.

Prior to their break-up, the two then lover birds had a handsome son together, as reported by the blog.

It is alleged that the two broke up due to Otoyo’s promiscuous ways.

Just after breaking up a lady by the name Faith too, stating that Captain Otoyo impregnated her.

Further, she claimed that the comedian blocked her in all his social media platforms, despite her willingness to do a DNA test to prove that he was indeed the father to her unborn child.

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