Reservations about new year

The new year appears to be a respite for many who were fed up with the just concluded 2020, a year that saw
many losing their livelihood.
Furthermore, people had to adapt to the new norm of staying at home with families amid the Coronavirus pandemic among other difficulties.

For parents, the new year may not make any difference. Many of them lost employment thus the high cost of living. For those who resorted to take their children to private schools, it’s going to be hectic as some have closed down due to financial constraints.

The brutal Coronavirus has left many businesses in ICU, families have broken up as well as police officers on a collision-course with citizens.
It has also exposed the rot in governance, which should actually act as an eye opener to the voters.

It made the rich and the poor realize that both can die from the virus once negligent.

From a personal point of view, last year must act as a reminder that preparedness is the key for one’s survival. We anticipated that last year would be our year but what happened?

Are you still hoping that this year is going to be better on your side if you have not prepared?

Let’s focus on the corona which is still knocking on the doors. What if the world plunges into a severe second wave of Covid-19?

I understand we have to celebrate the new year as our norms dictate but we ought to take precautions.

Moving to the new year does not mean that we have forgotten the flaws that have been caused by the coronavirus. Even if corona is painted a past memory, its effects on the economies of third world countries is noticeable.

We may have high inflation in our markets, unemployment among other results of the pandemic. This means that, we still need to stop celebrating the new year and focus on reorganization of our personal lives.

Think about this, if the new year fails to bear fruits as we anticipate how will your families survive? What if the schools re-close due to the Corona or any other unprecedented disease?

As far as Coronavirus has caused unforgettable memories, it has reminded us that saving for tomorrow is the key for any family. As the new year begins, scheme your life because you never know how tomorrow will look like.

About the Author

Abueate Macho Wekesa
I am a journalist by choice with passion, ready to serve under any circumstance. I advocate for service for humanity through responsible journalism. Currently, I am working with BK Radio 98.2,Bungoma.