The tears of single mommies

burialwoman crying.

Marriage is one of the most valued institutions in African culture since time immemorial. In addition, to this fact, a society is built from a family which is established through marriage.

In the past, a woman’s consent was never sought when it came to marriage due to pervasive male jauvinism.

In case a family failed, it was not a surprise to see the society heaping blame on the female partner.

The past situation however, has not changed. Take a look at the position of a woman in the family and notice how we have never solved the problem but instead it’s now digitized.

How many women are choking on toxic relationships but fear to speak up or seek assistance? What exactly makes this gender to fear talking about their uncomfortable marriages?

A few months ago, I engaged my audience on my local radio program. I ventured into finding out the concrete justification on what makes a woman stay in an overwhelming marriage.

“I would rather die than leaving children to a spouse or vacating my marriage because my parents hate break ups.” One listener stated, adding, “My friends will victimise me for failing in my responsibility as a woman.”

On another instance, I happened to have a zoom talk with my long term friend Sally Omosa who works abroad. She is a single mother. In the process of chatting, she paused a question which blew up my mind. I could not answer.

If I mention the word “Single mothers”, what comes in your mind?

We think singles mothers are rebels in marriages, women who cannot maintain a husband or they are unsatisfied with one man.

The government can push for gender equality through constitutional amendments to bring the woman in the limelight, but it has to begin from changing the male dominated society’s view of a woman in the home.

As the year elapses, we ought to make correct judgement when it comes to relationship issues. From this lowest level of the family, our society will willingly fight for the female gender in addition to constitutional approach.

About the Author

Abueate Macho Wekesa
I am a journalist by choice with passion, ready to serve under any circumstance. I advocate for service for humanity through responsible journalism. Currently, I am working with BK Radio 98.2,Bungoma.